Friday, May 7, 2010

Gnome Keyring 2.30

Gnome as a whole is ramping up to version 3.0, and there have been some big changes in Gnome Keyring.

The new Secret Service DBus API is used to store passwords. We took care to change this out in a backwards compatible way, so applications previously using Gnome Keyring needed almost no changes.

Using DBus is more modern and all that, but the best part about this is that the KDE guys are working on implementing the same API. In fact we designed it together.


  1. I realize this is mission creep, but it would be great if this new secrets service could subsume the functions of ssh-agent and gpg-agent; it's really no fun writing your own ssh-agent client. (I know, I've done it :-/)

  2. Cool work =) but me too care more about ssh-agent & gpg-agent then cross-desktop compatability =(

  3. Please do not put such stuff in your homedir, use

    Secondly, it is I'll disable the ~userdir on in a bit.

  4. whoops, does use the correct domain. anyway, please move the docs

  5. There's an integrated ssh-agent in gnome-keyring, and there's more coming on that.

    Also, there's work being done moving the gpg-agent from seahorse-agent over to gnome-keyring as well. You can see that on the gpg-agent branch of the gnome-keyring repository:

    More to come in later posts, and GUADEC!

  6. BTW, missed all the comments here until now... Turned on comment notifications.