Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GPG Agent in Gnome Keyring

One of the goals for this next version 2.32 of Gnome Keyring is including a GPG Agent. So far we've had a GPG Agent as part of GNOME in seahorse-plugins, but it's been somewhat limited in what can be implemented.

Integrating it into Gnome Keyring is cleaner, and it's the first step towards implementing things like smart card support in the GPG Agent, although that may be a while in coming.

The beginnings of this work are on the gpg-agent branch of the gnome-keyring repository.


  1. Ok but now it overrides the gnupg gpg-agent, and my smartcard doesn't work any more.

  2. It's easy to turn it off. Go into "Startup Applications" and uncheck "GPG Password Agent"