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Cockpit 0.78 Released

Cockpit releases every week. This week it was 0.78

Multipath Storage

Cockpit now deals with multipath storage, although it doesn’t yet provide a way to set it up.

Cockpit Guide

The Cockpit Guide has been updated and includes information about how various features are implemented, and what sort of privileges they use on the system.

Here’s a link to the guide or you can take a look at the privileges docs.

Compatibility with old Cockpit

Recent releases of Cockpit had some compatibility issues when older servers were added to the dashboard, and vice versa. These have been fixed in 0.78

CPU usage issue

A CPU usage bug in Cockpit 0.77 was fixed.

From the future

Marius has done some really cool work on iSCSI. It’s not yet in a Cockpit release, but take a peek here:

Try it out

Cockpit 0.78 is available now:

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