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How to join Active Directory domains with a One Time Password

realmd and adcli allow you to join a domain with a one time password.

That is: a domain administrator can prepare a one time password, and that one time password can later be used (usually by someone else) to join a specific computer to the domain.

FreeIPA supports this natively. But adcli also accomplishes this for Active Directory domains. People have been asking how that happens.

Each computer in an Active Directory domain has a computer account. Each computer account has a computer password. Normally this password is randomly generated while joining the domain.

When you choose the Reset Password option in the Active Directory UI, this password is set to a predictable string, which is just the computer account name in lower case (ie: samAccountName without the dollar sign).

Reset computer

Since computer accounts can (by default) change their own account passwords, reseting a computer account allows anyone to claim the computer account, by changing its password from this known password to a generated one.

realmd takes advantage of the above, and will automatically join a domain if the relevant computer account has been reset.

In addition adcli has a preset-computer mode which allows an administrator to generate a new computer account, and set its paswsord to a one time use password.

$ adcli preset-computer --one-time-password=ThisIsthe1xPass
Password for Administrator@AD.EXAMPLE.COM:
computer-name: COMPUTER1

This one time password can later be used with realmd to have it join the computer account, like so:

$ hostname
$ realm join --one-time-password=ThisIsthe1xPass

Or you can use this one time password with kickstart, as shown here:

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