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The security devroom at FOSDEM

Went to FOSDEM last weekend. It was a cool and crazy conference: packed rooms, great talks, good friends, much beer. I enjoyed finally meeting the Collabora guys I’m now working with.

I hung out in the absolutely packed security devroom the first day, superbly organized by Martin Paljak from OpenSC. Lots of interesting and insightful talks, and met people that I’d previously only interacted with online.

Nikos and I both gave talks about using PKCS#11 as glue to give a better crypto user experience no matter which crypto library an application uses. There was a lot of great discussion, ideas and participation. I’m looking forward to working more folks on this stuff.

PKCS#11 Glue

My talk discussed research into trust assertions, and a new project called p11-kit. Video here.

Part of my work at Collabora has been to make certificates and crypto on the desktop just work. Stay tuned!

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