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Using DBus from Javascript in Cockpit

Note: This post has been updated for changes in Cockpit 0.90 and later.

Cockpit is a user interface for servers. As we covered in the last tutorial you can add user interface component to Cockpit, and build your own parts of the Server UI.

Much of Cockpit interacts with …

Cockpit Multi-Server Dashboard

Andreas and Marius have been working on implementing a new multi-server dash board for Cockpit. It’s really looking great.

The goal here is that the dash board should work with either one server or several, and give you an overview of what’s going on. Problems that require attention …

DBus is powerful IPC

D-Bus is powerful IPC Cockpit is heavily built around DBus. We send DBus over our WebSocket transport, and marshal them in JSON.

DBus is powerful, with lots of capabilities. Not all projects use all of these, but so many of these capabilities are what allow Cockpit to implement its UI …

Cockpit has Docker pull support

Cockpit 0.12 now has support for pulling Docker images from the Docker registry.

Docker pull support

Unfortunately Docker doesn’t have support for cancelling the pull of an image. So that sort of hampers the UI a bit. At least for now.

Cockpit Simple Networking Configuration

Cockpit 0.11 now has an all new simple Networking UI. Still some work to do, but it’s coming together. You can see it here:

Cockpit simple networking configuration

How to join Active Directory domains with a One Time Password

realmd and adcli allow you to join a domain with a one time password.

That is: a domain administrator can prepare a one time password, and that one time password can later be used (usually by someone else) to join a specific computer to the domain.

FreeIPA supports this natively …

Cockpit does Docker

Here’s a short video showing how Cockpit manages Docker containers. Cockpit is in RHEL branding here, but it’s basically the same thing as you get from

This UI is going to be refined somewhat, but it’s nice to see things coming together.

Cockpit has a terminal

Cockpit 0.5 now has a nice terminal in a web browser. AKA term.js is awesome.

Cockpit terminal

Introducing Cockpit

Gave a talk at DevConf in Brno about the project a bunch of us have been working on: Cockpit. It’s a UI for Linux Servers. Currently in the prototype stage…

Cockpit login

Hopefully there’ll be a video of the talk available soon. You can try out the Cockpit prototype in …

More secure with less “security”

At GUADEC in Brno, I gave a talk about usability and security prompts.

The video and slides is now online. I’m really impressed with how fast the videos became available this time around.

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